Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the personal blog of Danny Santoro, where I’ll talk about gaming, movies, TV, and everything else not related to web design, professional video, business, or WordPress (unless it’s applicable). If you’re looking for my professional blog with a bunch of WordPress goodies and a portfolio of my work, head on over to DanielSantoro.com.

Danny Santoro
This was ten years ago because wow I got old fast.

This site is all about fun! Blogging on technical topics is great, but the posts take a huge amount of time and research. A lot of the time, I find myself wanting to write about something cool in my personal life, where I can let quality slip and just write freeform.

Thus, the birth of THIS site – an entirely WordPress.com powered experiment away from deep customization and a focus on writing.

Most of what I write will be opinion articles – that means I want to hear you opinion, too, so never hesitate to disagree in the comments or voice your support, with the latter being way more preferable. 🙂

It will certainly grow and modify as I figure out exactly what I want to do with it, but be sure to use the “Follow” button on the bottom of the sidebar to get notifications when new articles go up, or follow me on Twitter at @Danny_Santoro!